Template for Retrospective Analysis used by Agile Teams


The following is one of the principles described in the Agile Manifesto:

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.

One technique to materialize this principle is to conduct a retrospective analysis after each iteration. This allows the team to identify issues and reflect on how to become more effective, then fine tune the behavior accordingly and improve the process. The goal is always to become better at what we do and deliver the best possible results, while keeping all team members engaged.

I will share a very simple template that could be used to gather data about a previous iteration of work from all team members. This could serve as a guide for a productive discussion.

Retrospective Analysis Template

The following template can be used to collect some information from team members after an iteration of work:

What went well?
In other words, what took place that we want to recognize and acknowledge as having gone well?
What didn’t go so well?
What took place that didn’t go as we would have liked?
What did I learn?
We want to think about what we’ve learned about how we worked together. It’s less about the content and more about the process.
What still puzzles me?
This question allows us to capture things that happened but leave us feeling unclear or puzzled.


Constant improvement is a key aspect of any Agile project. Conducting retrospective analysis allows teams to gather feedback after each iterations and  identify what areas need attention. There are many recommended approaches and frameworks for conducting a successful retrospective analysis session, and they all focus on identifying three things:

  • what went good
  • what went bad
  • what actions we should take to improve the process

This articles provides a specific template that could be used to request information from team members after each iteration, and then be used as support for in-person session.


Agile Retrospective by Margaret Rouse

Agile Manifesto

Agile Retrospective Wiki




Author: Luis Carrazana

Skilled Senior Technology Consultant and Strategist, with 15+ of experience advising and assisting customers from small and large companies from multiple industries, including Pharma, Insurance and Financial Services. Leveraging the right technology for the right job. Passionate about Software Craftsmanship, Quality, Agile, DevOps and Cloud Computing.

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