Testing content database before migrating to SharePoint 2013


One of the steps in the SharePoint 2013 migration process is to test the content databases to identify potential issues before migrating to the new 2013 schema. This article shows a PowerShell script to execute the validation and export the results to a CSV file. Special kudos to Joe Rodgers for the original algorithm. I modified the code a little bit to be able to pass the parameters and focus on one DB at the time.


 [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$DBName,
 [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$WebAppUrl

# array to store the output
$results = @()

Test-SPContentDatabase -Name $DBName -WebApplication $WebAppUrl | % {
   # get the SPContentDatabaseTestResultObject
   $databaseTestResult = $_

   # create a hash table
   $props = @{}

   # add the database name to the output
   $props.Add("DatabaseName", $DBName) 

   # dynamically add all of the SPContentDatabaseTestResult properties to the output
   $_ | Get-Member -MemberType *Property | % { 
     $props.Add($_.Name, $databaseTestResult.($_.Name)) 

   # add the hashtable to the output array
   $results += New-Object PSObject -Property $props

# dump the output to csv
$results | Export-Csv $("Test-ContentDatabaseResults_{1}_{0}.csv" -f (Get-Date).ToString("yyyy-MM-dd_hhmmss"), $DBName) -NoTypeInformation

How to use the Script

  1. Copy the above code into a file a name it “TestDB.ps1
  2. Save the file to a local directory in the SharePOint Server i.e: “c:\temp”
  3. Open SharePoint Management Shell
  4. Navigate to the script location i.e: “PS> cd c:\temp”
  5. Execute the script with the two parameters. i.e: PS> TestDB.ps1 -DBName <NameOfDatabase> -WebAppUrl <UrlOfWebApp>
  6. On successful completion, a CSV file is generated containing the DB name and the time stamp in the title i.e: Test-ContentDatabaseResults_DBName_2016-07-05_025815.csv
  7. Repeat the steps for each content DB to be upgraded


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