Notes from Microsoft Build Conference 2020

Some notes from the 3-day online MSFT Build Conference held on May 2020Recording of all sessions:

  • Microsoft Teams user base grew to 75 million in April!
  • Github is the home for developers
    • Lots of Visual Studio Code integration
    • CI/CD with Github Actions
    • Remote developer productivity with Codespaces
    • Codespaces in Github is very similar to Cloud Shells: an IDE in the browser integrated with github repo, with browser preview and Azure Static Web Apps integration.
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSDL)
    • WSDL 2 will be released with the next Windows (~ Sept)
    • Almost native Linux Kernel – Faster – Can open Linux GUI apps
    • Docker Desktop runs better on WSDL
  • Power Platform
    • Tool to building low-code/no-code apps
    • Great for quick data-driven business apps
    • Integrates nicely with Teams, reaching a wide audience instantly
  • Azure
    • 95% of Fortune 500 use Azure
    • Azure Arc is the first control plane for multi-cloud env
    • Azure Static Web App
      • A modern web app service that offers streamlined full-stack development from source code to global high availability.
      • Very easy a quick to spin up a production app from github
    • Cloud Native App Development
      • Spot pricing
      • Kubenertes Engine – Run windows servers
      • Cosmos DB
        • Free tier
        • Serverless pricing
        • Auto-scale
      • Azure Cognitive Services
        • Vision
        • Speech
        • Search
        • Language

ASPX file opens as empty NotePad from Visual Studio

Visual Studio opens an empty NotePad when accessing a file within the solution. Hopefully you have a backup at hand.


I recently came across an issue in Visual Studio that had my brain spinning for a couple a days:

  • I was accessing a custom page through the browser and the result was a blank.
  • I imagined it was some kind of authentication issue or missing resources, and I used Fiddler to check the traffic, but nothing was found there that could give me a clue.
  • Things got a little weird when I tried to open the custom page in Visual Studio, and a blank NOTEPAD popped up. I went outside of Visual Studio and tried to open the ASPX file directly in NOTEPAD, but I got an empty file.


So after doing some online research, I found out that this issue was related to a missing file pointer at the OS level. This could’ve been caused by a sudden shut-down, which makes sense because I usually close the VM immediately rather than properly shutting down the system (lesson learned).


Seems like there is no resolution for this issue, and the only alternative is to recreate the file.

Luckily I was using source control, so I just deleted the file locally and got latest version.