Comparison of Google Cloud Storage Options


Considering key technical differentiators for storage options is critical when deciding what services to adopt to migrate workloads to cloud providers. Here is a brief and concise comparison of some of the Google Cloud Storage options in terms of technical details and use cases.

Comparison of Storage Options

Technical Details

Cloud Datastore Cloud Bigtable Cloud Storage Cloud SQL Cloud Spanner BigQuery
Type NoSQL document NoSQL wide column Blob storage Relational SQL for OLTP Relational SQL for OLTP Relational SQL for OLAP
Transactions Yes Single-row No Yes Yes No
Complex Queries No No No Yes Yes Yes
Capacity Terabytes+ Petabytes+ Petabytes+ Terabytes Petabytes Petabytes+
Unit Size 1MB/entity ~10MB/cell
5TB/object Determined by DB engine 10,240 MiB/row 10MB/row

Use Cases

Cloud Datastore Cloud Bigtable Cloud Storage Cloud SQL Cloud Spanner BigQuery
Best For Semi-structured application data, durable key-value data “Flat” data, heavy read/write, events, analytical data Structured and unstructured binary or object data Web frameworks, existing apps Large-scale database apps (> ~2tb) Interactive querying, offline analytics
Use Cases Getting started, App Engine apps AdTech, Financial and IoT data Images, large media files, backups User credentials, customer orders Whenever high I/O, global consistency is needed Data warehousing


Author: Luis Carrazana

Skilled Senior Technology Consultant and Strategist, with 15+ of experience advising and assisting customers from small and large companies from multiple industries, including Pharma, Insurance and Financial Services. Leveraging the right technology for the right job. Passionate about Software Craftsmanship, Quality, Agile, DevOps and Cloud Computing.

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